Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Feathers in a Box

I needed a box to hold my feathers. I'm obsessed with feathers. I love them. They remind me of all the good things in life, beautiful birds and angels come to mind. Plus they are soft and fluffy! With limited space in the new house here in Florida, I don't have the space to hang them like I did it at the old house. I don't want them getting ruined and flattened by being in a drawer. They need their own place. Did I mention I was obsessed?

Before I moved to Florida, my mother gave me some silver items that would go to me in their will. She wanted us kids to have a few of these things now to start enjoying. That part bothers me, no one likes to think about their parents getting older, but it is a fact so I took them. One of the items came in an old box. I'm not sure how old the box is but it's been around my whole life and I'm 50. It's old.

I took the box and gessoed it up. Then I used some gel medium, lavender acrylic paint, and pearlized medium to give it color. I wanted the fact that it was old to show through some so I then sanded some of the edges and distress inked them with Dusty Concord. In the picture you can see the bottom of the box sanded but not inked and the top of the box is after inking.

I have some absolutely stunning 7.8" wide lace in my Gone Artsy Zibbet store in a lavender and mint pattern. I adore this lace. So I pulled some out to use on my box. Some times worrying about profits just isn't worth it LOL. So I glued the lace to the top of the box and wrapped more around the outside of the box, tucking it inside as well. I wasn't going to waste this stuff! This picture is actually after completion but it shows the inside.

So let the fun begin! Time to decorate! I took 4 bronze toned box feet from Miriam's Crafting Supplies, and "patinaed" them with mint acrylic paint just rubbed on with my fingers. I did the same to some purple beads I had on hand, 2 bronze toned star flowers and 3 metal leaves (a slightly darker green paint) also from Miriam's. Then I did it again to 2 silver toned star flowers but using a concord grape acrylic paint.

I decided to use the flowers upside down so I could give them a different look then you normally see when I use her flowers. I wanted more of a cup shape with bent and molded petals. After they were shaped I glued the purple tinted one inside the mint tinted one.

I have to tell you, the group I belong to on FB, Chic Craftique, is full of fun, talented and generous individuals. We are currently doing a Christmas in July theme and everyone was invited to list a few small items from their personal wish list. One of mine was mint embossing powder. I have looked all over the place for some and haven't been able to find any. I really didn't think it was one that could be fulfilled but it is small and on my wish list so I put it in the mix. Well yesterday I got a huge surprise from Michael Farrell. He's a wonderful crafter that has been great at participating in the group. Talk about jaw dropping stunned! I couldn't believe it when I saw the jar in the package. It was pearl mint and gorgeous! So of course I had to add some to my mint and purple project! So I pulled out my feather stamp, a tag, the concord grape ink, and the embossing items and went to town. I colored, I sprayed water, I ripped and then the glorious moment when the embossing was done and it was MINT!!!!! YAY! Oh I had to experiment more! MORE, MORE, MORE! I LOVE this stuff! So I took 2 small white roses and patted them into the embossing medium and dipped them in the powder. I heated them up and looked. Huh, not quite as stunning as I was hoping but still pretty! OK, I was maybe a little over enthusiastic but seriously, when you look for something for like 9 months and can't find it and then someone gifts it to you it's like dancing on a cloud.

Ahem, back to business. I glued the embossed tag on the top of the box and then I pulled out my next treasure which was my original grand item for the box top { now I have 2 :o) }. The very first pin I ever made for a swap. You've seen the picture. It's the purple heart and wings with the feather on the top right of my page. I made myself an extra to keep as a memory of my first swap and had it tucked carefully in a padded box. I added that to the top then started layering the flowers, leaves, jewels,beads and the feet. Done and I love the result. My feathers are going to have a happy home!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's All About Containment...or Containers in Other Words!

Another new challenge has started at Miriam's Crafting Blog and this time we were tasked with containers. Well sure...I could have done a simple paper covered box with some pearls and ribbon but THAT IS SO NOT ME!!! Plus I Officially opened my store on the 1st so I had to do something to work them both in right?

With that in mind, I altered a big round tin, with peacocks, and lace, and doilies, and feathers, and pearls and so many fun and pretty products!

So from Miriam's store, I used these beautiful peacock embellishments and then painted them with Adirondack Acrylic color stream and then topped that with Tattered Angels Pixie Dust glitter paint.

And also these two colors of 5mm flat back pearls, teal and hunter respectively.

From my store, I used a doily, crocheted lace, and some peacock feathers. Everything else was from my stash (flowers, frame, and tin).

The doily I stained with Tim Holtz Peacock Feathers Distress stain and then got it wet and scrunched it till I got the mottled look I was going for.

And here is the result!

So come on over and join the fun at Miriam's challenge and try to win a gift certificate! She has so much awesome stuff and the BEST prices!!!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Auction Pieces

My friend L Miriam Meserve of Miriam's Crafting Supplies is opening a brick and mortar store. The DT for Miriam's Crafting Supplies along with a few friends are helping her host an auction of handmade items to raise money to help with her endeavor. Where she lives there is no craft stores within a reasonable distance so we hope that her store is a rousing success and we want to do everything we can to help our fellow crafters and entrepreneurs. So I have made a set of wine glass charms. I am also doing a tutorial with it in case you don't win the item or can't afford to bid on them. Please though, someone bid! She needs our help!

So here we go...

Wine Glass Charm Tutorial

Supply Item list -

1. Wine glass rings (available now in my store which I haven't announced anywhere yet so your the first to know! Details at the bottom of the page)
2. Your choice of beads
3. A hanging charm for each ring. Mine are from Miriam's Crafting Supplies and are all based around this months WINGS theme
4. Jewelry pliers

Assembly -

1. Take a ring and your pliers.
2. Open the ring and then gently bend back the notch.


3. Start stringing your beads in the order you desire. I used some rhinestone dangle charms along with metal beads. To get the rhinestone to show I just gave them a gentle twist bending the top enough for it to lay flatter. These dangle stones are also available in my store!

4. When all your beads and your charm are on the ring, gently bend your notch back in place.

And there you have the finished product! Here's a few pictures of the set I made.

Miriam's Auction will be held July 27th - July 30th. Go bid on some of the magnificent projects there! It isn't a big auction, but every little bit helps when your raising money :) I will put the link up the day of the auction so look for it Friday morning!

Now for the details that only YOU will know at the moment about my store. I currently have about 75 items listed and have more coming in daily, which is why I haven't announced it yet. Before I make the BIG announcement, I want to be fully stocked. The theme tends towards wedding and shabby chic. It's mostly lace, doilies and a few other embellishments and glass crystals.  I do have one EXCITING new tool that I'll be bringing to all of you but I am saving that for the day I make the announcement so it isn't up yet. I'll be giving some of them away so stay tuned! In the mean time I'd love for you to check it out.

One of the very unique things about my store is that you can ORDER IN 1/2 YARD INCREMENTS. I know how many times you don't need a full yard and now, you don't have to worry about all those left overs...unless you want to that is! You can order as many 1/2 yards as you think you want and you will get it in a continuous piece. I hope you like this new idea!

Here's the link:      Gone Artsy  Hope you stop by and take a look and let me know what you think!

So that's it for me today!

Love ya!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

A video to watch while I unpack!

Well I finally finished the wedding and have moved to beautiful Destin, Florida! I haven't had to time to create since but I will be back as soon as I unpack. In the mean time I will do some wedding video's for you. This is the first part and is all the creations and views with no one in them so you can just look at the beauty of the items we used. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Manipulating Metal Embellishments

It's Metal Month at Miriam's Crafting Blog. Here's a little inspiration in the form of a quick video tutorial. Come join in the challenge and show us your metal!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's Metal Month!

Miriam's crafting blog's theme this month is Metal. I'm so into steampunk I bet you think that's what I'm gonna show you but nope! My first project is Alice in Wonderland themed.

I had some 5x5" metal plates I had gotten from Pick Your Plum hanging on a peg just waiting to be used and here was the perfect chance. They came in yellow or gray so I went with the gray for the more metal look.

First let me say, I am 90% packed for my move to Florida and working with VERY limited items so creating is a challenge at best. I had some embellishments I had bought at Micheal's so with only those things, a printer and some cardboard I came up with this...

I took Miriam's corner embellishments and cut them apart to make the trim around the keyhole. The key hole was the hardest part of this project! I really struggled to make it look how I wanted it. I had to use a marker to distress the edges a bit because my ink pads were all packed. Were I to do this again I would definitely use an ink pad.

The products I used from Miriam's Crafting Supplies are:

Silver Tone Corner Embellishments
Winged Key
Lightbulb Charm

She also has the watches and gears but i had the ones I used on hand. You could almost one stop shop for this project!!!

Hope you like it. My tutorial for Miriam is scheduled for Friday but I'll be on the road so I won't be able to check for comments for a bout a week. Have to get my computer set up etc. once I get there :)

Next stop...Sunny Florida!

Love ya,


Once I get settled I'll tell you all about the wedding too!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Final Wedding Preparation Craft

Well we are in the final count down to Jen's wedding. Three (3) days from now the event will be happening with all the things I've created for her. Today I want to show you a vintage style hat pin and button holder that will be in the women's trunk for the vignette.

Miriam's Crafting Supplies Blog has burlap and since we were tasked with texture this month, I thought the burlap would fit in nicely with both her theme and the wedding. Miriam carries burlap in multiple colors in 12x12" squares, perfect for using on a project. Of course I choose natural since I was going vintage!

I had an octagon shaped jelly jar that I thought was unique looking so I wrapped the jar in the burlap, added a piece of thin lace around it, and made an eyelet lace flower for the front. In the center of the flower I placed one of Miriam's pearls (available in lots of colors and sizes for such a great price!).

Next I took an old t-shirt that was close in color to what I wanted for the top and cut a large circle. I glued that all around the edge of the lid of the jar leaving about an inch unglued so I could stuff it. I stuffed it with fiberfill until it was the thickness I wanted and then glued the last bit of the t-shirt to the lid. I trimmed it closely and then added the same eyelet lace around the edge to cover the glued areas. Lastly I added a twine band with a pearl to finish the look.

I filled it with buttons. Some I had on hand and some are from Miriam's store. To top it off I added some hat pins. The feather pin ties in with the feathers we are using at the wedding and I used an acrylic crystal drop, also available at Miriam's store. The one with the white flower on top was made by my good friend Angela Holt of Angela Holt Designs. 

So here we of the final product!

Wish me luck! I'll post pictures etc. of everything about the wedding as soon as I can!

Love ya,