Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Peaceful Waters

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Continuing the month of Miriam's Crafting Blogs 8th Monthly Challenge, we are still working with the flower theme. Earlier this month I showed you a lotus flower made with embellishments form Miriam's store. If you missed it, check it out here. I also said I would be using it in a future project, so here is what I made with it complete with instructions for the project.


Dip n Etch by Etchall (currently on sale for 15% off!)
Plastic bowl
Blue acrylic paint
Paint brush
Heat gun
Matte finish clear spray paint
May Arts leaves ribbon
Green nail polish
4 Copper embellishments
4 Flower bling buttons (loops removed)

Instructions for bottom section:

1. Remove the top of the jar from the bottom. 
2. Place your bottom section in a plastic bowl and fill with water to desired height for your frosted section.  
3. Remove your glass piece and dry.
4. Mark your line on the outside of the bowl where the water stops. Remove water from the bowl, dry completely.
5. Pour Dip 'n Etch into the bowl until it reaches your marked line.
6. Place something inside your glass bottom piece to weight it down and then place in the bowl  of Dip 'n Etch.
7. Allow to sit in solution for 15 minutes. (see next section for working on top while this is in process)
8. Remove from solution and wash well, then dry.
9. Mix a paint wash of water and blue paint. Apply in sections and use heat gun to dry these quickly to avoid drippage and give you that water wash look.
10 When you are happy with the water look, spray with a matte finish clear paint to ensure it is sealed and washable. Allow it to dry according to manufacturers suggestion for spray.
11. Glue May Arts ribbon around the top edge of the "water" section.

Instructions for top section:

1. Remove plastic seal from top of jar and turn top upside down so that you are working in the inner part of the glass.
2. Pour green nail polish into the very top section, just until you reach your desired level. This is to make it look similar to a lily pad. Let dry completely.
3. Wash the inside of the top with the same paint mixture you used on the bottom of the jar and heat set quickly again. I made my paint slightly darker blue for this section so it looked like it was shadowed from the flower.
4. Reattach the plastic seal.
5. Place lid on bottom section.
6. Slightly bend your copper embellishments so that they have a curvature similar to the outside of the lid and then glue them on. Mine are slightly overlapped to fit evenly. You will need to place yours according to the size of your jar lid. BE SURE YOU ARE GLUING ONLY TO THE LID so that you can still open the jar.
7. Remove loops from buttons and glue over where the copper embellishments meet.
8. Glue your Lotus flower to the top of the lid.

Fill with whatever you like or leave it plain and enjoy as a decorative jar. That's up to you. You could even etch or put vinyl lettering to say something on the clear section. Your imagination is your companion with this project! I'm going to use mine in the bathroom to add to the spa factor.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and we would love to see what you create with flowers. Link up at Miriam's Crafting Blog for a chance to win $10 to spend in Miriam's store. Believe me when I say $10 will get you a TON of stuff from her!

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