Friday, March 28, 2014

Vintage Etched Mirror Tutorial

I've created another project for the vintage vignette I'm displaying at the wedding. I think it's going to fit in so beautifully with the antique trunk, jewelry etc. I've done this as a written tutorial instead of a video this time as I just didn't have the time to spend editing one. It's easy to follow so you should have no problem recreating it or doing your own style if you follow this step by step. Feel free to copy and save in a document for later or book mark this page to come back to!

Vintage Etched Mirror Tutorial:

1. Remove your mirror from it's frame if desired and/or possible. (For me it makes the angle of writing easier so I recommend you do it if you can)

2. Wash the mirror with mild soapy water, dry well.

3. Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any left over residue of soap or other things that could cause resisting of the etching cream.

4. Using the Etchall Designer Tip Kit, fill your bottle with Etchall Etching Crème, remove the white top that serves as the plug for the bottle when not in use, and attached your desired tip width for writing.

5. Write your sentiment, draw or whatever you like on your mirror front. Be sure to follow the directions to clean your tip so you can use it again and replace the whit top on the bottle.

6. Allow to sit for 15 minutes to process.

7. Rinse under warm running water using a sponge or soft cloth to quickly wipe the etched area. This must be done very quickly to avoid etching any other part of the mirror. Once completely rinsed, dry well with a soft cloth.

8. Place the mirror back in it's frame if you removed it.

9. Decorate to your liking.

Here you can see the definition of the etching.

Better tones for seeing the variegation in the frame.

And close up of the detail in the gorgeous buttons from Miriam's Crafting Supplies.

For my piece, I brushed the entire frame with burnt umber acrylic paint let it dry literally about 1 minute, then wiped, just the surface, with a baby wipe so that the paint would stay in most of the crevices. I let it dry completely then.

Next I used Metallic Peridot paint and just dabbed it here and there to give it a patina of sorts. Because it was a metallic paint it blended well with the original gold surface. When that was dry I lightly, and I mean VERY lightly, sanded some areas off.

Then I just added a few embellishments on the front (love those buttons!) and I was done. Quick and simple, less than an hour including the etching time.

How simple was that! A stunning piece for display that says EXACTLY what YOU want it to say! Not a store bought saying that everybody and their brother can purchase. That's the best thing about Etchall products, the result is all you baby! 

Pop on over to Etchall's website and take a look at all the fabulous products available and check out their Facebook page for inspiration. They have some GORGEOUS ideas! 

And don't forget to visit Miriam's Crafting Supplies for embellishments. She has the best stuff at great prices!

I also have to give a little shout out to my new favorite second hand shop Darling Decor' & More. If you live in the central Texas area you have to come to Temple and see them! They have the CUTEST stuff for REALLY REASONABLE prices! I have gotten so much for the wedding from them. I think this little mirror was like $6 or some crazy cheap amount like that. You'll see lots more of their stuff when I show the wedding pictures but they have been the best to work with! If they didn't have what I needed they tried to find it for me and so far they've found every single thing I asked for and still didn't charge me a ton. I so love that place!!! I'm going to have to visit them every time I come back from Florida to visit my kids!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and it inspires you to create something unique for yourself.

Love ya,

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