Saturday, September 14, 2013

Envelope Heaven!

If you haven't heard of Kreate-a-Lope then read carefully, you won't want to miss what I'm about to tell you. NEVER buy another envelope again. Yep that's right! Get rid of that expense once and for all. Instead make your own.

The owner,Nick Romer, of Kreate-a-Lope contacted me recently and asked me if I would be interested in doing a review for him. I had heard of the template but never actually tried it myself so after a couple of emails back and forth he sent me some samples to try. While I was waiting for them to get here I watched his video over on his Kickstart Campaign on how to create them and thought to myself, no way can these work this easily.

When they arrived I played with them and guess what! They really are that easy. If you don't mind a bit of a tattered edge that is. Depending on your project that could be a really cool look. But alas, you all know that I'm a perfectionist so tearing is NOT going to be what I do for envelopes most of the time.

Next I tried using an exacto knife and PRESTO! I had fabulous envelopes made in less that 2 minutes. I ADORE these things. He only sent me two templates and some lick and stick to try out. I'm hooked! I have to have more! This was the easiest template I've ever used so I'll be helping him with his Kickstart Campaign and I'll be ordering from his website. He was super nice in his emails and I'm always willing to support a homegrown crafter get their business growing (not to mention he's a father of two adorable kids).

The Kickstart Campaign only lasts until Thursday Sept. 19th so hurry and go check it out. If you help fund his campaign he'll send you some templates. Click on any of the links in this email and it will take you there. I'm telling you you will thank me! If you miss the campaign you can order your templates by going to He also sells templates for boxes (which I also am going to order) and action cards like flip, swivel, magic, and slider along with window cards like money envelopes and picture placements. I'm checking those out soon!

I hope you'll check these out, Nick has made a loyal fan out of me!

Love ya,


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