Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What All The Cool Witches Are Wearing This Season

About a month ago, we had no bake cheesecake. You know the kind that you use the graham cracker crust, put the filling in, chill in the fridge and then add a fruit topping. Well after we finished, I looked at the pan and all I could see was a dress. So that was the start of my newest project. I must admit using the pan was a bit trickier than my minds eye thought it would be but in the end I made it work and I love the results. I'm loading up all my projects over at the Bling Chronicles so come over and play!

 Full image
 Close up of the bodice
Close up of the hat

and of course the shoes!


1 paper dress form from Michael's
1 tin pie plate
about a yard of orange with spiders wired ribbon - found at the Dollar Tree
6" of white with spiders wired ribbon - Dollar Tree
1/2 a yard or so of tulle
13 black marabou feathers
6 plastic spider rings with the ring part cut off
black paper cone - made with shiny DCWV paper
18" of rhinestone ribbon - Angela Holt
2 pieces of Bling - Angela Holt
Purple, black and orange paint
a pair of doll shoes
orange glitter
black and white glitter
purple glitter
an empty ribbon spool
an empty prescription bottle

All in all a pretty simple project with some recycling thrown in. Love it! Every witch who doesn't have this will be jealous this year!

Love ya,


  1. Agreed, Deb!! Every witch who doesn't have this will be jealous this year.......love the bodice, the blingy shoes and the hat!!

  2. Eeeek !!! How totally AWESOME !!!!! Such a brilliant creation... I'd deffo wear it !! :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. o.m.goodness! is this ever awesome! you definitely have designer eyes!

    hugs :)

  4. Fantastic and beautifully designed outfit. Your talents amaze me.

    1. Thank you and welcome to my blog! Nice to see a new face

  5. What a fun idea and I have to say, love the result!

  6. What a great design Deb, I love the result. Hugs, Jen x
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