Saturday, December 15, 2012

Answer and Show Update

I meant to post this the day I got home but I was looking for the camera so I could put the picture of the booth in. We lost it. This has not been my week. Sorry for the delay.

Well, I'm home! I did two days of shows while down visiting my parents. The first day was horrible! I thought for sure it was gonna be a total loss. I literally sold 2 cards in a 4 hour period. Certainly discouraging but I kept telling myself it was OK, I was getting to spend time with Mom & Dad.

I begrudgingly got up for the second day of the show, not expecting to do any better. Boy was I wrong! I sold $120 or so. When you consider the fact that it was only cards, they were buy two get one free for regular cards, all the Christmas cards were marked 50% off to get rid of them, and they ranged regular price from $3.50 - $5.50, I think I did amazingly well. Of course I spent more at the fair then I made, but that's OK. Christmas shopping almost complete and I cleaned out my stock quite a bit. Absolutely no complaints here plus I learned a lot about that venue.

We had a great time with my parents and their friends. Jen thinks their friends are so nice and funny too. We laughed a lot so the whole trip was worth every second.

Came home to no heat and a 21 degree night so I'm waiting for the heating guys to show up now. My fingers are having a hard time typing I'm so cold. With that in mind, I'll sign off for now.
Now for the answer in case you couldn't spot the mistake on yesterday's post. I forgot to color the glass on the inside car :(
Love ya,

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