Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Light Fixtures are Christmas Ornaments?

Last year, my husband gave me the light fixtures I wanted for Christmas. We bought the house 2 1/2 years ago and are still working on fixing it up. It was built in 1947, was in good shape when we bought it but needed updating. The light fixture in the dining area was one of those flat square thingies and gave out too little light. I'm kind of eclectic and I saw these balls at IKEA and had to have them.

This year, I transformed them into ornaments hanging over the table. I may add some regular ones hanging down too. I haven't decided yet. I guess it will depend if time allows since I'm so far behind. So tell me, cute or just plain ugly?

Lit up.
I should have had the wall mounted fireplace going too. Sigh...after thoughts.
Love ya,


  1. Hi Deb
    they are ok but the little garland between them is making them not sit straight. I can see you having a tough time with them and adding some real ones around them would look good perhaps add some to the top of them and decoating the cords too.
    hugs Nikki

    1. Yeah they are kind of wnoky huh. I'm trying to do less this year since I'm so far behind but I have to figure out how to fix this somehow. Sigh, I hate being sick during December. Maybe some ribbon down the cords.

  2. That would look sharp it's tough to figure out what to do with lights.


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