Saturday, December 15, 2012


I owe you all an apology, I've been MIA all week. I've been ill and trying to squeeze Christmas stuff into what little energy I had so I haven't been able to make anything to show you on here. I am so sorry.

Apology #2 I'm sorry if I wasn't clear in my last post. I don't leave on the cruise until mid January, so I'll be around blogging until then :) The cruise is my Dad's gift to my Mom for their 60th Anniversary. He's taking all of us kids and their spouses, what a great husband and a fantastic Dad isn't he?

I am going to show you what I made for my mother's birthday. It was back in November and it's a quick easy project. It's an adult Sippy Cup LOL

(the beer mug behind, my daughter made for her Dad)

These cups were so easy to make and with the addition of wine, champagne, beer, coffee, etc. they make a great gift.

Here's how:

Choose a CLEAR GLASS cup or glass of your choice (coffee, wine, beer mug etc.)

You can use Acrylic paints in many brands for this project (like Plaid or Folk Art). I used Martha Stewart Glass Paint. As long as the manufacturer says the paint can be baked on your good to go.

Print out your saying in font of your choice to fit the cup/glass. Tape this to the inside and then draw it on with your paint. Simpler fonts are easier to use obviously. Let dry.

Next step can be done in two (2) ways:
     1. Print out a design and tape inside then paint on or
     2. use sponge daubers in a 2 or 3 sizes and make dots like I did for these. You could make your own geometrical shapes as well but I liked the dots.

Again let dry. Then follow your paint manufactures directions for baking to make it safe to wash. For my MS paint I put them on a baking sheet in a cold oven heated to 200 for 25 minutes, then turned the oven off and allowed to cool completely. I left them in over night.

Tie a ribbon around the stem or handle, add your bottle or bag of drink to the inside (use mini bottles) and you have a cute personalized gift. Easy peasy.

Hope you found this useful and If you make your own, link up I'd love to see. I'm planning to make some non personalized one for the sale in February. I'll show you more shapes and designs when they are completed.

Love ya,


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    1. Thanks! Give it a try UTs, it was fun and they were done in about 30 minutes!


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