Saturday, December 1, 2012

Frameable Christmas Cards

Create with TLC came out with these fabulous vintage Christmas posters. I couldn't resist and bought them immediately. I knew exactly what I would to do with them. I wanted to mat them on a card so that they could be framed after receiving it. Memories, awesome art work, and no throwing them in the trash. What could be better?

They don't show up very well in the pictures but I put a drop of glitter in the center of each star or snowflake, then I embellished the eyes of each, the nose of Rudolph & Frosty, and the buttons on Frosty with colored gems. They look really cute with just that touch of twinkle.

I made two sets, one with black mats and one with white mats. They will look great framed on the wall and next year they'll remember who sent them.

Love ya,


  1. fabulous did those turn out...what a great idea. You did a fabulous job with them.

  2. Thanks Paulette, I love, love, love the posters! Going to frame a large set for my house.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks UTs Hobby Time! Paulette over at TLC gave me just the right image for imagination to kick in!


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