Sunday, December 9, 2012

Decoupage Nativity & a Freebie

I found this over at Free Craft Downloads and thought it was so pretty. It's a bit fussy to cut out each piece but hey that's what daughters still living at home at the age of 19 are for right? Smiley Faces

After she cut them out for me I decoupaged each with Mod Podge and then waited for them to hour later, I layered them with pop dots and then mounted the whole thing on background paper.

Let me tell you ab it about the background paper. It started out as a background from Auntie Social called Nativity. In the right hand corner where three Kings/Wisemen. I loved the background but my image already had them on it so I needed them removed. I'm not stealing if I give credit right? So I called on my crafty partner in crime, my daughters future MIL and asked for help. She does amazing work and can fix almost any image for me. She's going to be my literal business partner in Feb. when we get the store up. So I asked her to make the background usable by removing the kings. I guess I could have covered them up with the other image but I'm neurotic at times and wanted it perfect.

The cross will be a freebie for you if you read all the way to the end.

Here you can see the image popped up, It's hard to get a clear picture of decoupage because no matter how you turn the camera you get a glare. You get the idea though.

Inside, I used an image from Inkgenious. I found it through Carmen over at Beyond the Fringe Crafts. She does these great blog tours that she calls sleigh rides and she manages to find the coolest stuff! There's a funny story behind how I got the art so ask Carmen all about it when you visit.
I screwed up on the size and made it about 1/2" to big for my envelopes so I had to make my own. UGH! One more thing on my to do list before the show. What did I expect on almost no sleep though.

Back to my friend who did the background. She will do a custom background with images of your choosing or just give her what your looking for and she'll find and create the paper for you. She charges $1.50 for a custom paper. Not a bad price. Email me with the information and I'll pass it on to her and send you an invoice after you approve it. Easy Peasy and totally custom. You can even use your own personal pictures, how cool is that?

Now for the freebie, enjoy!

Love ya,

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