Monday, December 3, 2012

The Positive and the Negative

Images that is. Often times when we use dies we are left with a negative image that we throw in the trash. Sometimes those negative images, with a little sprucing up, can be turned into something awesome.

In the last post you saw the new die I bought of the snowflake Christmas tree. After I was finished I was looking at the negative image and thought it was really cool too. I set to work figuring out how to make it work. This is the result...

1 negative 2 positives

Closeup of the background. For this I did a negative coloring technique using scrunched up waxed paper. The basic idea is you scrunch up wax paper and then spread it back out. Lay it over your CS and then put a piece of scratch paper over that. Iron on the hottest setting for about 5- 10 seconds. Remove the wax paper and then use distress inks to color over your paper. Worked best for me to use my distress stain instead and just applied it directly to the paper with the built in dabber. When you finish with the color, take a paper towel and rub all over it to remove the stain that is sitting on top of the waxed areas. That will never dry. You're left with an interesting texture. You can scrunch as much or as little as you want depending on what you're using the background as.
For the inside, I heat embossed an angel stamp with silver embossing powder. Then I hand wrote the sentiment with a silver gel pen. Wish I had had the right words in stamp form but I didn't so I improvised.
Have you ever used the negatives of an image? How did it work for you? As always I love to hear from you and share ideas.
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