Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lesson Learned: Better is Not Always Better!

So I've made a couple of accordion fold domino books. The first one turned out good but I wanted the next one to be awesome. Start laughing now cause you know how the best laid plans go...not so epic!

I dyed, I painted, I trimmed, I glued, and everything looked so pretty! Then it came time to close and tie it shut. First I spent several minutes trying to get the organza ribbon to tie. That in and of itself was a feat but also the folds got all wonky. The flowers I put in were too thick! I tried to take one off but the paper came off with it of course so I glued it back down and said the heck with it. It's still pretty, it still stands, and most people won't display it closed anyway. So here's how it turned out.



Wow that looks bad! It looks worse in pictures I think.

One side open

Other side open
So lesson learned, don't put dimensional items in a domino book but I may have a way to change that....planning, planning! Tomorrow I'll show you the first one I made.

Love ya,


  1. I love this!! Out of curiosity, what is a domino book?? :) But whatever it is, it certainly looks beautiful!! and love the way u have embellished it!!

  2. I agree with Beina, it looks beautiful.You have embellished it in a unique(Deb style) way. I too have no idea of domino book. I would love to know more about it.

  3. For me is stunning my friend ^_^
    This creation is so romantic for the colors and details^_^
    Big big hug,

  4. Thanks ladies :)

    A domino book is like a mini album but it is only the size of a domino. The domino's are used as your "covers". I'll do a tutorial on making one and get it up here in the next few days, ho'w that sound?

    1. Wow!! That'd be gr8 :) Thanks Deb :)

    2. Not a problem, glad to help anyone who asks learn. I think I was a teacher in a past life LOL

  5. Replies
    1. Glad to help UTs, it'll be up early next week. :)

  6. Another amazing masterpiece, still hooked and I desperately want to make one after seeing this beautiful creation.

    Hugs Shirley x x


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