Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Lamb

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I found this lamb image at Oriental Trading and thought it was precious. I colored it then added some Flower Soft.

I looked and looked for a quote, poem, or rhyme that might work for it and other then Mary Had a Little Lamb and Williams Blake's  The Lamb, I couldn't find much. What I did find was lots of interesting information surrounding the use of the lamb in the bible and the heritage behind eating lamb for Easter dinner. Consider me educated. It was quite the string I followed. Eventually it lead me to a blog by Marilyn Ferguson. She has some poetry she wrote on her site and one of the poems was titled Easter Lamb in Heaven. I took an excerpt from that to make my sentiment on the front of the card.

The ribbon I found at the dollar tree and with it's soft fleece edging I thought it went well with the lamb image. The little pearls are Michael's self sticking again.

I added a simple sentiment inside.

Love ya,


  1. Hi my dear ^_^
    What a wonderful card, the image is so tender and cute^_^
    Big hug,

  2. This is very cute.

    And congrats only 6 more to go!!

  3. Thank you Deb for stopping by and having a look at my blog. I love your religious Easter cards.

  4. Such nice card. Love the way how you select your image. Always cute.

  5. Thanks Ladies! So nice of each of you to leave these wonderful comments. Hugs!


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