Friday, February 8, 2013

When You Make Plans...(and follower update)

life has a way of changing them. With that said, I did not make it to my show this weekend. I ended up in bed with a virus :( On a happy note, I have two (2) new followers! :)

Welcome Shea and Lune.

Shea has a wonderful blog that I discovered through my Gecko Galz Yahoo group. She's been blogging about the same amount of time as I have and I was blown away by her progress! She's amazing so check her out by clicking on her name. She also left me a fabulous and insightful comment and I already appreciate her presence.

It doesn't appear that Lune has a blog from her profile but I'm so glad she's joined the fun here. I hope she'll be by often and help us be creative.

Now for the two new candy pieces (good thing I went shopping yesterday!)...

These have several fun possibilities. You could use them to make jewelry, or what I think would be cool is to use them in a mixed media project. I just thought they were a little quirky, like me, and so I'd add them to the winners pile. We're getting close now! 6 more to go!!!!

Love ya,


  1. Oh dear, hope you're feeling better soon love, theres nothing worse than these blimin viruses, seems like everyones getting them. Hugs xNx

    1. Thank Natasha, recovering slowly but getting there and you're right. There is so much yucky stuff going around. Have a wonderful weekend, hugs back!


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