Thursday, March 14, 2013

Even More to Keep Me Hopping!

The day before I was due to come home, my daughter's fiances family had a crisis. I won't go into detail but they could use your prayers  So I was called and asked to become the temporary custodian to a little angel while things are being worked out for them. Of course I said yes, how could you not tot his little face?

 This my daughter Jen with her soon to be niece.

So I'm home and taking care of this sweet 7 month old girl. Isn't she beautiful? I'm hoping I can still create but babies do take time so if I miss a day or two please forgive me.

Love ya,


  1. Oh... Our prayers are with you!! I agree!! This cute li'l girl looks soo sweet.. I hope u have a wonderful time with her.. and your daughter, Deb, is gorgeous!! I'm waiting to see her in her bridal attire!! :)

    1. Thanks Berina. You're going to have quite a long wait as the wedding isn't until NEXT April :). The baby is such a sweet little one and we are having fun as "pretend" grandparents. It's giving us practice for the day when it's a reality for us.

    2. oh!! I guess it is worth the wait :) have a nice time!!

  2. This baby is toooooo sweet,adorable my dear^_^I prey with you for all go well soon.
    Big hug,

    1. Sonia, thank you for the prayers. They really need them.

  3. Both the little one and your daughter looks fabulous Deb. Hope all is well there.


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