Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Everyone!

Or Happy Day if you don't celebrate Easter.

Moving animated Happy Easter banner with Easter Bunny looking bored
I've been busy preparing for the celebration the last couple of days so haven't had time to create for the blog. My apologies to you all. This is Eva's first Easter so we are hosting her family so they can celebrate with her. We've been cooking up a storm and preparing for an egg hunt. I haven't had an egg hunt in quite a few years since my kids are grown. We dyed eggs, made flower arrangements and signs. All kinds of fun stuff! The Easter bunny will have a ton of goodies for her :)

easter bunny

Not forgetting the real reason we celebrate though, we will also take her to church and show respect for the actual reason for the holiday.
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May you all enjoy this day and be blessed more than you you are now.

Love ya,


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