Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Harvest Craft Jubilee Second Project...SUPER QUICK AND EASY!

Well everyone, I wanted to do a project that was so easy anyone could do it. I think that's what I accomplished. Shabby pumpkins using old clothes.

For these three pumpkins I used the leg of a pair of faux suede pants (the dark green one), the top of a sundress (the small light green one), and a striped sweater that I don't wear anymore. I found a branch in my back yard that was about an inch thick and cut it into pieces for the stem. You'll also need some string or rubber bands, lots of old plastic bags from the grocery, or wherever you shop (tissue paper works too), needle and thread, scissors and bling.

For the leg of the pant I cut the piece to the height that I wanted the pumpkin and then used a running stitch along the top and bottom so I could gather it. I gathered the bottom tight and knotted it. Next I stuffed it with plastic bags and proceeded to gather the top but not completely tight. I inserted the stick I wanted with a bit of glue to hold it on the bags and then gathered the fabric tight and knotted it off. Next I added the burlap and bling strip with a glue gun but you could use fabric glue too. I set it aside and worked on the next one.

For the medium one with the strips, I just cut a big circle out of the front of the sweater. I stuck some bags on the center and pulled it together at the top. I didn't have quite enough bags for the puffiness I wanted my first try so I just stuck some more in until I was happy with the look. Then I used a rubber band to hold the gather top together. Pulled it apart slightly to fit my stick in and set that one aside

The third one was interesting. The dress had a waffle weave top and a scrunched fabric skirt bottom so I cut a square piece out of the front top but extended it into the skirt part about an inch so I could have that ruffled look. Because of that I had to stitch up one side to make a cylinder like the pant leg. I used a running stitch to gather my bottom again and then just did the top with a rubber band as I did in the second one. Then I fluffed out the ruffle a bit.

The sweater had a thick green sweater hem so I decided to make the leaves out of those. All I did was cut the shapes in the sizes I needed for each pumpkin and then sprayed them with some meadow colored Adirondack Color Wash (pretty sure any spray would work). Let them dry 10 minutes and glued them where I wanted them. Last I added a bit of bling to the center of the leaves and voila! Shabby pumpkins finished. It took about 2 hours to create them all and that was with lots of distractions!

As I said, anyone can do this. Grab some fall colored clothes that you don't wear anymore and go to town! It was fun and super simple. Then post it over in the gallery on The Bling Chronicles or on the Event Page. I'd love to see what fabrics you use!!!
Love ya,


  1. I have TONS of old clothes I could grab and use for this project! Fantastic Tips Deb! Thanks so much for sharing your crafty talent!

  2. Love these and great reuse of the clothing Thanks for sharing I will have to give this a try!
    Big Blog Hugs, Janet

  3. love those branches....and fabulous upcycling Deb!!

  4. You really have so much crafty talent Deb, you really know how to create so many different things. Hugs, Jen xx
    Krafty Keepsakes

  5. these are gorgeous! but me? nope. won't be doing it. i'm lucky i can sew a button on. i'll leave the gorgeous stuff to you and just stick with my cards!!!

    hugs :)

  6. awesome idea, love the recycle crafts! Elegant looking too!


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