Tuesday, May 21, 2013

An Apology and a Plea

I am here today to make a humble apology and ask you, all my absolutely wonderful followers, to stay with me. As you all know life has been a challenge for me since bringing little Eva in to live with us, and it hasn't gotten any easier. As children must, she is growing and becoming more mobile which is proving to be interesting since my house is NOT baby proofed and hasn't been in nearly 15 years. Frankly I'm exhausted, living with guilt over not getting much blogging done, and over stretched trying to help this family.

I know I've let you down by not blogging much. I've let myself down as well, but life does have a way of rearranging and I believe that helping someone in need is sometimes more important than doing what you want. We all need a hand up from time to time and without me, I'm not sure where they would be. Eva has come to mean a lot to me and as such her family does too. So I've made the decision to take a month off from blogging to ease the guilt, focus my attention on getting my home safe for the baby and helping this family become one again. I hope you will all support my decision and stay with me. I WILL be back I can promise you that as I miss you all so much! You're always encouraging comments keep me going on a lot of days and the inspiration I get from visiting your blogs is amazing! I need this time and I hope I don't lose a single one of you. Please sign up to receive my blog posts by email so you'll know when I'm back and ready to move forward again. I have lots of ideas rattling around in my head and a couple of videos I'd like to make so if you sign up you won't miss them.

So on that note, I love you all and will see you soon!


Monday, May 13, 2013

I Hope Mother's Day was Special for You

I really hope you all enjoyed your Mother's day. Whether your a mother or a child its a great day to spend time bonding and cherishing that special relationship that exists. As for our day, we spent it with my daughter, her fiance, my son, Eva and her mommy and her mommies friend at the zoo. We had so much fun. The weather was perfect, and the company was great. After the zoo we came back to our house where we were joined by Eva's Grandma, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa. Grandma and Ryan, (Jenn's fiance) did all the cooking while the rest of us relaxed had a Smirnoff Apple Ice and talked and laughed. It was truly a precious day for me.

A few days before Jenn and I created Mother's day gifts for Eva's mom and Grandma. Eva was a very active participant in this creation but it was my ideas that used. First we purchased a white T-shirt for Grandma and White hobo bag for Krystal (mom) at Michael's. Then I pulled out some Acrylic paint from my stash in brown yellow and green along with some dimensional fabric paint for writing. Then came the fun part...

And here's what this mess made :)

They both cried so I'm thinking they liked them.

And here's pics of us at the zoo being silly and having fun.


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Love ya,

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Party that Almost Wasn't

Imagine your at an outdoor venue and the wind is blowing about 20 mph. Now imagine trying to get paper table cloths on, banners up, crepe paper, plastic, plates blowing every where along with the hand printed napkins you made. Yeah, that was my day on Saturday. it wasn't fun. It took me over an hour to get 6 tables covered. I'd get to one end and the first couple had blown loose. I literally went through 2 packages of mailing tape. So the tables got covered, the banners got up and I said the heck with the crepe paper. All of the centerpieces stayed on their sides but you know what? The Jello "shots" were AWESOME hehehe and in the end we had fun socializing and celebrating and that's what really mattered.

Here's a pic of the wind blowing Jen's hair so you can kind of get the idea.

This is Mat

And this is Bobby Joe

I'm so proud of them! Their mom is my BFF and I've known them for about 6 years so I watched them graduate HS and now College. Such Great Kids!

So here's some pics from the party.

For the table covers I had Kinko's print out the black and white versions and then colored the nurses one with pan pastels that I sealed with matte spray. I used a gold pen to color in the dots on the computer covers.

In this one you can see the table laid out properly with the Jello "shot" syringes in a bowl and the computer key spray.

And here's a couple of people enjoying their shots.

He was just joking, he didn't really drink all those. I made 50 and there were 4 left at the end. I'd say they were a hit!

The recipe for these goodies are:

Jello Shots
 1 pkg. of jello (4 oz.)
1 cup boiling water
1/4 cup cold water
3/4 cup of Citrus Vodka (or any flavor really).

Mix the jello and boiling water till dissolved then add the rest and chill. Yummy!

I also had Kinko's print out two banners in black and white and I colored those with Pan pastels as well.

The Computer Science Grad

And the Bachelor of Science in Nursing

As you can see everything was mega taped!

I looked into buying napkins where you can have your own design printed and HOLY MOLY were they ridiculously priced! For 50 napkins of one design they wanted $78.00. Well THAT wasn't happening! My friend is a single parent and on a tight budget PLUS she just finished paying for college and all their graduation stuff the college required. So I put my thinking cap on. I didn't want just stock napkins. I wanted them to be personal and meaningful. So I figured out how to print on napkins myself. It took me about 6 tries but i did it. I'm seriously thinking of going into the custom design napkin business. I can do it for about 1/2 the cost or so. Tell me what you think of these and if you think my idea would sell.

And one last picture....

Eva had fun too! Especially the cake part :)

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing the party decorations even if they didn't all make it up. Sorry it took so long to get back to the blog. We are making Mother's Day gifts so when complete I will show you those. Till next time...

Love ya,

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The World is Still Turning...

and I haven't fallen off the face of it.

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So I've been so busy it's not even funny. Between personal stuff and working on things for the graduation party, I've been a little overwhelmed. Today I want to show you one of things I made for the grad party though. They are centerpieces.

First let me give you a little history. The party is for two siblings both graduating from College. One will be graduating as a nurse and the other's degree is in Computer Science. The nurse ideas were pretty easy. There's lots of things you can do for that. Computers...not so easy. So what I'm showing you is one of the things I came up with for the computer guy. I think they are fun pieces that accentuate computer usage in what ever he chooses to do with the degree. Everyone using computers needs a key board right? Well at least for now until touch screens take over! So here is what I made:

I purchased the weighted star thingies (I know your jealous that I know the technical term!), took all the keys off an old keyboard, and glued them onto the wired strands and around the base of the weight. Simple but effective. Once you see the table clothes I created it will all make sense together. Can't show you that until Sunday though!

So I apologize for my absence  hope you all stuck with me, and can wait a few days for life to get back to normal (well that's relative isn't it LOL). I promise a full scale showing of the party creations on Sunday and Monday. Thanks for being patient and for being so loyal.

Much love yo you all!