2012 Gallery

Click on the images to enlarge them. My camera leaves a lot to be desired but I promise you they look great in person. I'm working on the photo issue so bear with me.


 Sweet 16 Birthday cake with cake balls I made for my good friends daughter. It was also her golden birthday.
 Birthday card front and inside that I made for my MIL.

Birthday card shaped like a dresser that I made for my SIL.

Baby smash book I made for my future son in laws sister. Since I knew she would have a "store bought" baby book I changed my pages up a bit. The front has her announcement and it is bound with ribbon.

For a tooth (not necessarily the first) and a lock of hair on the next page.

First ice cream (instead of birthday cake) and a swimsuit pic area.
Teddy bears and girly advice.
First Halloween and a postcard for Christmas addressed to her.
The back of the album. 
Graphics by Printable Heaven.

Graphics by Printable Heaven.

Graphic my Broken Box Stock.



Graphic by Evil Blogger Lady (yes that's really the name!)

Graphics by The Graphics Fairy and TLC

Graphic by Birdie Brown

Graphic by Beccy's Place.

Thank you card and envelope I sent to my sister.

An inside view of her thank you card.
Grapjic by Cuddlebug Cuties .

Graphic by Dustin Pike.


Sentiment by Gingers House.
Sentiment by Digi Ditto.

Sentiment by Gingers House.

Graphic by Coloring Pages.

Sentiment by Limited Runs.


Graphic by Paper Printables

Sentiment by TLC.

Sentiment by Gingers House.
18 inside closeup.
 The thank you card I made for Nikki over at Limited Runs Digi's for the candy I won on her blog. I used this beautiful plaid paper she sent me on the card.
Another view,

 Birthday card I made for our nephew who turned 16. I didn't love the metal piece I added but he seemed to like the card. Graphic by  Saturated Canary and the Graphics Fairy.
Paper by Printable Heaven.
Graphic by Annes Cards 4U.

Graphic by Digital Two for Tuesday.

Graphic found at Dover Publications.




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