Friday, October 24, 2014

Pink Passion!

As usual I am way behind in posting! I do actually have a good excuse this time LOL!

Mid September I had a total knee replacement done on my right knee. They say it's the second most painfully surgery there is. I can honestly say it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected and maybe that's because the docs told me that! It is however a slow recovery period. Nearly three straight weeks of basically bed rest with exercises (PT came to the house everyday) and ice while you lay there. After that there's Outpatient PT for a month 3 times a week. Your stamina goes way down and every effort exhausts you, but pain?  Not so bad. Anyway I am mid way through recovery and walking with out a cane so I'm REALLY happy with my progress and can get back to a fairly normal life. I still have the PT and I still get more tired then before but each day is a little better.

So enough with my excuse! Let's get to the projects I did for this month.

As you all know, Breast Cancer Awareness is crucially important to me. It runs in my family and I keep a close watch on mine and get my mammo's regularly. They may be a pain but if they can save my life I'm doing it! 

Gone Artsy and Miriam's Crafting Supplies have teamed up this month to do an auction to raise funds for this important cause. DT members from both groups, which of course I am on both :), has each made project(s) to donate. They've spent their time and materials creating some AWESOME art so I hope you will come join in and if you can bid, if you can't bid invite your friends and maybe they can! The funds raised will go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You can find the event on Facebook here: Auction to Benefit the BCRF

The first two projects were made for earlier this month and the last is a YT tutorial on a canvas. All of these will be up for auction. I hope you like what I've done!

To see what's inside, you'll have to go to the Gone Artsy Blog or to Miriam's Crafting Supplies Blog

And here's the tutorial link for the canvas

PLEASE come help us with this EVENT!

Love ya,