Terms of Use

My terms of use are very simple.

1. You can use it for personal use in any manner you choose.
2. You may use it on handmade items in which you've altered it in someway and then sell that item.
(cards, scrapbook layouts, etc.)
3. You may not claim it as your own work.
4. Give credit, if asked where you got it refer them to the website.
5. Do not copy/re post on your site without my permission.
6. If the work is a collaborative effort, credit all involved
(for example if I tell you I got a frame from Graphics Fairy, be sure to credit both of us)
7. You may not mass produce anything with the images provided. Mass producing is considered
anything over 100 pieces.
8. Enjoy the freebies!

Purchased Items (not up and running yet)
Terms will be available when the store opens.

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