Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pop Goes the Gum

It's time for Miriam's Crafting Blog Try this at Home Friday Tutorial and It's my turn again! Keeping with the St. Jude's kids theme I've created instructions to make a faux bubble gum machine. So are you ready to start?

1 clay pot (I used muffin size)
2 clay saucers to fit this size pot
Acrylic or spray paint in color of your choice (if you use acrylic you will also need a clear sealer)
Round glass vase to fit your size pot
E6000 or other strong water proof glue
1 embossed box corner
1/2 of a round metal latch
1 30mm wood button
1 round bead
1 flat back pearl
1 shank style button for your knob
a small spring
2 small jump rings
Ribbon to embellish with
Bubblegum to fill it!

1. Take your clay pot and 2 saucers and paint them inside and out with paint color of your choice.
2. When the paint is dry, glue the glass vase into one of the saucers as shown.

3. When that step is completely dry {don't do it to soon or you'll break it like I did :( }, glue that piece to the BOTTOM of the clay pot.
4. While step three is drying you can work on your lid. Take the second saucer and glue your wood button to the center. You can paint it if you like but I liked the yellowish wood tone on mine so I left it plain. I turned it upside down so there was no pattern showing. Glue the bead to the center of the button and then add a flat back pearl to the very top to hide the hole in the bead. This becomes the handle to your lid so make sure you use a good glue.

5. For the spring, I used one out of a pen and then cut it in half. You don't want the turn knob to stick out to far but it does need that added dimension. Twist the end of the spring on to the shank part of the button and then glue that down.

6. The box corner and latch parts were originally bronze. I sprayed mine silver because that's my memory of bubblegum machines. That bright shiny silver was so enticing! I trimmed on edge of the box corner to make it look like a spout before I painted it. Th attach the two pieces use your small jump rings through the provided holes.

7. Attach your ribbon and the glue the spout and knob over the seams to hide them. Fill it with gum and put the lid on. Enjoy an occasional treat with the kids!
How cute would this be sitting on your desk filled with beads instead? These two will be included in the auction over at Miriam's FB event for St. Jude's. Please stop by and help this great cause! You can find it by clicking this:

Love ya,

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

She's Puzzled!

This month at Miriam's Crafting Blog the theme is children. We are doing it in honor of St. Jude's as that is a charity near and dear to Miriam. Each of the DT members created an item to auction off for the charity. 100% of the proceeds will be given to the St. Jude's foundation.

Please join with us by donating in the event area on FB for this worthy cause. The event is linked here: St. Jude's Charity Auction 

So for my project I used from Miriam's store:

Pink Necklace Base
Puzzle piece charms
Made with Love charm
Silver flat back pearl
Pink Rhinestone

I also used from my stash:

A felt heart
Pink jump rings
A bottle cap charm
Silver wood beads
A Pink Sharpie
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

And here's what I made out of all that...

And I created a box for it so it can be easily gifted with no fuss!

Hope you like it. Stop by and see what other fab items are up for auction by all my DT sis's. Again you can find the event at St. Jude's Charity Auction.

Love ya,