Friday, October 12, 2012

Coloring Technique & More Dearie Dolls Cards

Good morning and happy Friday!

I promised yesterday that I would talk about my coloring technique. First I have to say I've never used Copics or Spectrum Noirs. I find the cost to be high on these but I do like the look that other people are able to get with them. I may eventually try them but for now I'm sticking with my watercolor pencils.

So years ago when I was a Stampin' Up Rep, I learned to color with watercolor pencils. Their technique was to use a blending pen. For a long time I did that but was never 100% satisfied with the results as they sometimes "ran" to much over the lines. The brushes on the blending pens were to think for me as I like a very fine line to work with. So what to do? I researched some different techniques and found the one I currently use and I love the results now. Instead of water I use odorless mineral spirits and stumps. It's a little more time consuming but I get crisp clean lines that don't run and I think the colors are just as brilliant. Blending colors on top of colors works well too! You know, like for shadowing and highlighting. So here's a couple of still pics that show the difference in blender pens v. spirits.

Here you see three color choices after using each: (click to enlarge)
 Two computer generated digis just colored with no solutions added:
 After pic using both techniques:
 Cloe ups: top pic using blending pen next pic using spirits and stump:
 See how gray and muddy this looks plus it ran out of the lines in a couple places.
 In these two I've added some highlighting. Can you see the difference in how bright the spirits pic looks compared to the blending pen?

 Oh yeah, I love my dogs but really? Did they have to jump on me when I was trying to demonstrate that spirits don't run? LOL So yes it's out side the lines in a couple places but if you don't have two 50 pound dogs jumping on you wanting to play you won't have this issue.
And finally a side by side finished pic. So what do you think? Is it worth a little extra time to get the difference in colors?

So last night I managed to finish 3 more cards. I used two images from Dearie Dolls again. I think they turned out really cute! One of the images I used twice on two different card types.

Bearly Mine Designs BG Paper
Blue Reflections CS
Dear Dolls Girl w/Tree
Blue satin ribbon from stash
Bakers Twine from Pick Your Plum
Snow Flakes from Michael's
Hunter Green, Olive Green, Shimmer Green, Brown and White Reflections CS
Yellow DCWV Glitter CS cut on the Cricut for words
MS Branch Punch for tree foliage
Decoart Texture Fine in white for snow
Dearie Dolls Girl w/Tree

Hunter Green, Olive, and White Reflections CS
JBaechtold Winter Jubilee BG Paper
Anita's Digital Designs -  Christmas Holly BG Paper
Auntie Social Sasy Christmas BG Paper
White Poinsettia from Michael's
Dearie Dolls Christmas Tree Girl
Sentiment Stamp I've had for years and don't remember what company it came from
Green and White Glitter

Close up of the middle section

Well that's it for now, maybe I'll introduce you to the two that made me color out of the lines next time!

Love ya!


  1. I found your blog today from FDS and loved the wedding cards and the Dearie Dolls. But the blog entry about coloring was most interesting. Where do you find stumps and Mineral Spirits? I have been very unsatisfied using watercolor pencils and blender pen.
    Thanks for your answer. Virginia

    1. Hi Viginia and welcome to blog! Glad you came to visit and hope you will again. In answer to your question, the mineral spirits can be found in almost any hardware store including walmart. Be sure to get odorless and you still should use a fan or open a window while working with it. As for the blending stumops, you can find them at an art store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. They'll be located where the charcoal pencils etc are. Hope you're able to find them, if not email me and I'll send you a link to buy online. Again, welcome to my little space here!

  2. Thanks for the getting back to me with the info. I'll be at Walmart later so I'll check it out. Thanks again and thanks for sharing your talent.



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