Saturday, October 13, 2012

Plumbing, Dogs, and Anniversary

So it's been a long day of dealing with  a leaking pipe. Still not fixed but at least we know it CAN be fixed.  It's good to have friends who can help when your dealing with stuff like this! Anyway that's why this post is so late. Hope there's a few of you still awake to read it.

Yesterday I told you about my two playful "helpers" who made me color outside the lines. Today I'll introduce you to them.

This is Riley, my daughters dog:

 She's part boxer, great dane and who knows what else. In other words she's BIG!!! She's sweet but acts like she's the only one who should get attention. Jealous "little" thing LOL

And this is my newest baby Delilah just 10 short months ago:

 Wasn't she adorable! I just couldn't resist that face!

And this was Riley already claiming Delilah as hers. They are such great playmates for each other but wow can they get into mischief!

And this is Delilah now:

My 50 pound, sweet as can be, but demanding I play with her Lab, Retriever, Pit mix. So needless to say when she jumps and puts her paws on you because your ignoring her, you will definitely "color outside the lines" LOL. After all how can I possibly not want to play with her every second of the day?

My mom called a few days ago and told me she needed a 60th Anniversary card. Since I haven't made any that I could just give her I decided to try my hand at designing my own Iris fold card. I really enjoy making them and the look that's achieved (there's one of a dress I made in the 2012 gallery too). Til now I've always used someone else's patterns but today I decided I had used them enough that I could design my own. I'm quite happy with how it turned out:

If you notice, the folds are in the stem as well as the cup part of the glasses. You can't see it very well in the picture but I added some glass effect over the diamond in the sentiment. I haven't finished the inside just yet but I'm sure I'll say something like cheers to you for 60 years of marriage or something along those lines.

Black A6 Card stock
Martha Stewart Designer papers
Lace from Walmart
Rhinestones stick-ons from Michael's
Decoart Glass texture

Here's the sentiment I designed if you would like to use it too. Please leave a comment or a pic if you grab it. I'd love to see what kind of card you use it on!

Hope you had a fun Friday night!

Love ya,

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  1. First of all, that Iris fold card design for the 60th marriage is awesome! Second, that dogs, especially the puppy, are adorable! Finally, leaky pipes are really frustrating. Having it fixed can take some time, most especially if you're having a hard time trying to find a punctual and reliable plumber.


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