Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Texas Christmas and a Pyramid

Yesterday my daughters future MIL called and asked us to join them in celebrating her birthday. We went to Casa Ole' for dinner, her favorite restaurant. We had a blast! There were 10 of us at the table if you count her 2 month old granddaughter. What a blast! We laughed and ate wonderful food, enjoyed every one's company and I held the baby a lot! I'm looking forward to being a Grandma, but not quite yet LOL! In the meantime I'll get my baby fix through Eva. What a beautiful baby she is too. Anyway, Happy Birthday to my friend Tammy.

Needless to say I didn't get all my cleaning done because I was partying so I'll have to finish is today. Ugh. I really just want to create! I'm sure you know that feeling.

So today's cards are one's I made last week but haven't put on here yet. The first one is a pyramid Christmas card. The image comes from Printable Heaven and they are simple and fun to make.

I love how the pyramid looks when popped up.

I made the background papers for the fronts. The inside Christmas music comes from the wonderful Graphics Fairy (link in blog list) and the holly paper comes from Anita's Digital Design . Not sure where the sentiment came from, I did a search and couldn't find the source, sorry. If it's yours let me know so I can credit you.

The next card is  a state of Texas Christmas card. The basic design is from the very generous Diane at Diane's Digital Designs . She has all the states if I'm not mistaken but you have to email her to get them. Check her site out for more info.

I inserted the Texas flag behind her image and then I distressed it hoping to get the look of old leather. Not sure I totally acheived that but I kinda like it. I added a pair of boots designed by Anji's Antics ( link in the blog list), a hat I found on the net and some twine for the lasso. You KNOW Texans are proud of their flag and their cowboy heritage so I just had to include those! Since I'm not a native Texan I've been able to observe the likes and dislikes of natives and they are proud of their state. I think this will be a hit here.

For the inside, I took Diane's image and removed the wording so the states on the front and inside would match. Then I added my own words, inserted a shadowed state flag, and some more twine.
Cute don't ya think?

I hope everyone has a fabulous hump day let's march on to the weekend where we can hopefully have more free time to create!

Love ya,


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