Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weddings & Birthdays

I want to welcome the new followers! I'm so happy to have you here and I hope you enjoy by blog.

I've had a very productive few days so you will likely get another post today. Woo hoo! I'm on a roll.

First my ramblings...I heard a noise in my office today behind one of the dressers. I looked and looked but couldn't find the source. It sounded like a mouse or something. I went on about my business and then I heard a noise I didn't recognize coming from the other room. I called out to my husband to ask him if he heard that noise too and he said it's just Jennifer. Apparently she had come in the house and was sewing, hmmmm, I didn't even hear her come in. Again back to business. I heard the noise coming from the dresser again. This time I called my husband to come look to see if he could find the source. He came in and listened, heard it and I picked up a craft case that was next to the dresser and out runs this HUGE bug!!! I screamed dropped the case (everything went flying and Paul must have jumped two feet in the air. I think my screaming scared him. Comically we managed to kill the bug after trying to hit it several times while jumping back from it too. Whew! I hate bugs!

Later I was in the kitchen doing dishes and I hear a noise I don't recognize again. I yelled to Paul, what's that noise? He answers..."Jennifer sewing, I think we should take this on the road it's getting funny now!"      Smart aleck!     I guess I'm paranoid of noises now. Wouldn't you be? This thing was HUGE, HUGE I tell you! Well OK, maybe it was only about an inch long.
So on to the first of today's creations a birthday card I made for my FIL. David if your reading this, go away and wait for it to come in the mail! For the rest of you:

I was going for a bit of a steam punk look. I used a pop/soda can that I cut and embossed with cogs then used black acrylic paint and gold rub and buff to give it that antique look for the background. I cut a piece of charcoal gray card stock with a window in the front of the card. I attached the embossed can to the back of the window and covered it with another piece of CS so no sharp edges would be showing. Then I colored up my images, added ribbon and some gems.

Here's a close up of how the background can turned out.
For the inside I used some paper I found at Free Vintage Digi Stamps that I added the train as an additional item at the bottom. I then printed a second train image, fussy cut it and popped it up on top of the first for dimension. I added ribbon and the sentiment. (I'll post the sentiment image that I made at the bottom of this post for you to use if you would like). Then I added a strip of light gray CS that I distressed with a brown ink pad at the bottom so we could sign the card. Voila, birthday card complete! Hope he likes it.

Charcoal & Light Gray Reflections CS
Train and BG paper - Free Vintage Digi Stamps
Steampunk Clock Man - Anji's Antics
Palm Reader Guide Graphic - Vintage Fan Girl
Flying Machine Image - Make it Crafty
Ribbon - Wal-mart
Gems - Hobby Lobby
Folkart - Metallic Sequin Black acrylic paint
Gold Rub 'n Buff

Next I made some Wedding cards using the iris fold technique. I can't claim credit for the design exactly. I saw something similar so I decided to make my own pattern and put my own twist on it. I used satin ribbon for the grooms folds and a white flocked patterned ribbon for the bride. The little roses I hand made and boy were they a challenge to get them to bend etc. with the CS I chose.

 A closer look at he grooms side:
Isn't the little bow tie I made just the cutest!
 A closeup of the brides side:

 Kinda hard to read but it says & they live happily ever after.
I liked it so well I made two more using slightly different ribbons:
Ribbons - Details & accessories, Offray, His & Hers
A6 Black Card Base - Recollections
White Recollections CS
MS Designer CS - for flowers and sentiment
Silver and Black glitter mix from Michael's
Rhinestones from Michael's
Pearls from Hobby Lobby

And here's the sentiments as promised: There's two files, one for the front and one for the inside. PLEASE leave a comment if you grab it so I know if I should continue to post freebies. Click on the image to enlarge the PNG file then right click to save to your computer. Thanks for stopping by!


Stay tuned, I'll have another post later with some more Christmas cards. Til then...

Love ya,


  1. Thank you Deb! I'm sure I have a great use for this today as it is DH's 70th birthday.

  2. You're welcome Sandy and welcome to my blog. Happy Birthday to your DH.

  3. wow deb! these are gorgeous! and your story is hilarious. i'm not fond of bugs either. now mice... i'm not afraid of... go figure.

    have a great weekend.

    hugs :)

  4. Many thanks:) Loving this. I'm 70 so now see myself in a new light.

  5. Thank you for this sentiment - much appreciated. Loved your story and you are not the only one who doesn't like bugs and anything that size is definitely huge!

  6. These are so cute, can't laugh too much as I just turned 76 this year..
    I know just what you mean about mice & bugs, but esp mice.


    1. I bet you're a YOUNG 76! Thanks for stopping by, always nice to have a new friend!

  7. A lovely card, and super cute bow tie. Thank you for the freebie.

  8. You are all very welcome, thanks for stopping by!

  9. These are just too cute! Keep up the good work............TFS:)


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