Thursday, January 3, 2013

50 Follower Give Away (we're at 46!)

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OK so right after my last post, which was totally depressing sorry, I decided I would set up my next give away to cheer everyone up! I had said I would have one in February after the cruise and I'm still planning on it unless this takes that long. So...I went shopping. I found a bunch of cute random things so there is no theme but here's how it's going to work.

I currently have 30 followers, although right before I sat down to write this I noticed a new one. Yeah! Welcome Carol from The Answer is Chocolate (totally love that name don't you?).  Anyway...I will add one new goodie to the give away pile for each new follower. So when I get to 50 that will be 21 items in the package. Now I'm not talking a sheet of paper either. So come on! Join in the fun and be a follower. If you already are, blog about this and maybe we'll get there faster. It's not a requirement but I'd love it if you did. This drawing will only be open to actual followers so there's no sign up to do, I'll just have the random tool give me a number between 1 & 50 and then go down the list to that member. Easy peasy. I do love comments though (in case you couldn't tell by the big beating heart at the top of the page) and like to visit the blogs of those who follow me so don't just become a follower and then never come back. That's not fair to those who really do participate.

Here's the first 2 goodies since I'm at 31 now (one to begin and one for the first new follower).


Yeah! We have another new follower! Shirl from CreationsbyShirl, Welcome! I've had her candy in my side bar, she's trying to get to 400 and I know she will! She has some fantastic projects.

I'm adding a bag of 40 pink ribbon roses to the pile! Here's a pic...

***UPDATE 1/28***
Yippie! Two new followers!

Anna Stillwell from Cuddlebug Cuties, I visit her often as she has GREAT images she both sells and gives away. She's awesome really.

And  Angel Allen, not sure if she has a blog or not since her info doesn't list one. Welcome to both of you I hope to see you both here often.

So here's the next two items in the pile of give aways.

***UPDATE 1/29***
Woo Hoo! 4 more new followers, Welcome Cat, Sonia, Edel and Kaija
so glad your here and hope you'll stop by often. I've been to visit your blog if you left an URL and I will definitely visit again. I believe in supporting each other!

Here's the next items in the candy pile.

***UPDATE 1/30***(39)

Hello to MRodriguez! Thank you for joining us here. I'm so glad you visited and hope you will come by often. I didn't see a blog site for you so I can't visit but if you do get one let me know and I'll come visit you too!

Adding another item to the candy pile, we're now at 10 items and 11 more to go!!!! :)

***UPDATE 2/1***(40)
Welcome to Shanna Shands! I'm so glad you're joining us here and hope you'll be back son! Her blog can be found by clicking her name! I've been to her blog several times and she has fantastic stuff!

For the newest item in the candy pile I offer you a mini chipboard album. 5x6 with 4 pages.

On we go to 41!

***UPDATE 2/2*** (41)
Welcome Gail! We are so happy to have you join our little groups of friends! It's my sincere hope that you find inspiration here and that I in return find some from you :) I love to visit my followers so You'll see me swing by often. Ladies she has candy! Look in my sidebar and then visit her. She has some really cute things going on!

Here's the addition to the goodies.

***UPDATE 2/4*** (42)

I have another new follower today! Her blog is alberthcarscreaciones so help me welcome Albertscar to our circle of friends. Go by and visit her and see what she's been creating.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to add to the pile today and I finally decided on some ribbon. One paper one velvet. Six (6) yards in all.

Hope you like this latest addition :) Can we make 43 tomorrow???

***UPDATE 2/8*** (44)

Welcome to the two (2) newest followers Shea and Lune! So glad you've come to visit and I hope you'll stay and comment often. I'll be sure to visit you is you do :) Go by and check out Shea's fab blog. She's really talented. Not sure if Lune has a blog or not as it isn't apparent in her profile but she can certainly join in the fun here!

Here's offerings to the winner's candy of some items that have versatile uses. Hope you think they are as cool as I did!

Just 6 more to go til the drawing!!!

***UPDATE 2/11*** (46)
So happy to have two new followers! Welcome Margaret and Catherine. Both have fledgling blogs, like mine, so let's support them! Jump on over after you finish reading this to see what they've been making. You can visit Margaret here and Catherine here.

The next items are:

K & Company Slide pack

6 organza bags (2 of each color red, black, and silver)

4 more til drawing time!

***UPDATE 2/11*** (50)

Doing a Happy Dance!!!

We made it to 50 so that means a winner! I will have pick a number tonight from the existing list and post it tomorrow. For today though here's the latest prizes:

for 47-49:

18 pieces of a variety of yummy mint and tan papers (8.5x11), a green butterfly (you know I love to use them in my art), and a set of 4 mini Cuttlebug embossing folders.

and 50...

See the post here to check out the newest followers and their wonderful sites.

Love ya,


  1. Happy New Year Deb~
    You will reach that 50 follower in no time...
    Just keeping hopping around and you will see that increase grow so fast...
    Love all your previous projects - very creative...
    Enjoy your wonderful Friday....

    1. Thanks Shirl! I appreciate the encouragement. I hop around as much as I can each day. I love to look at all the wonderfully creative projects out there. I'm amazed at how many different things can come out of something simple. Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Awesome and generous candy. I posted it on my sidebar. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing candy.

  3. Thank UTS I appreciate the promotion!

  4. it just seems like forever, but it doesn't take long to build up your following! congrats on reach over 35 so far!

  5. Hi dearest Deb,nice to meet you, I'm your new follower^_^ I found your blog while leaving comment on my blogfriend^_^
    I added your candy on my sidebar and your blog in my favourites,thanks a lot for the chance to win^_^
    If you visit my blog I'm very happy^_^
    Big hug,

  6. Welcome Sonia! So glad you're joinng us here.

  7. Hi Deb..I am your new follower..I love the idea of adding one item to every member..Posted your candy on side bar. I will be happy if you visit my blog

    1. Welcome Sindhu! I will definitely visit, I try ot visit all my followers blogs at least once a week.

  8. OMG...I cannot believe the amount of stuff you are giving away. You totally ROCK! I will post your blog candy on my blog with a link back to you. Hope you gets lots more followers! And thank you for a chance to win such an incredible!

    1. Thanks Susan! So glad your joining us and thanks for posting this...We made 50 today, yippie! The winner will be announce tomorrow.

  9. I missed this by a day!!:'( I tried to send you a mail but it bounced back...
    Your creations are very beautiful Deb. Love to follow you!!


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