Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Let the Wind Blow!

Hi Everyone! Yesterday was my turn to post the challenge for The Bling Chronicles. I hope you've all signed up so you can join in the fun of making one. They can be made out of anything but you must use at least 1 recycled item. If you make a chime and enter it over on the challenge page, you will be entered to win a surprise goody bag.

Did I peak your interest? Here's what I came up with for mine...

I even did a video on it (stupid camera quit right near the end but I completed it with text). Total cost for the project was $10.30. Cute, personalized, and fun to make!

Come on and play!
Love ya,


  1. Hi Deb!1 this is just what I needed , was toying with the idea of making a wind chime for the last few days, thanx for the tute!!Your chime is superb, love the flowers made by using the tabs.

    1. Great Suman! Post it to the challenge and you might just win!


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