Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Christmas Mini Album

Well Halloween is over so we are on to the next couple of holidays. I've been working on a Christmas mini album centered on the 12 Days of Christmas. Beccy's Place had this wonderful set to go with the song butt here were just too many to make into a card. I wanted to use them so why not an album?

 Front view
 Top view
 1st Day of Christmas and tag
2nd and 3rd Days of Christmas with tags
 Close up days 2 & 3
 4th & 5th Days of Christmas with tags
 Close up day 4 & 5
6th & 7th Days of Christmas with tags

 Close up day 6 & 7
 Close up of the cute swan charm for day 7
 8th & 9th Days of Christmas with tags
Close up Day 8 & 9
 10th & 11th Days of Christmas with tags. I'm not sure I like the cape so I may recolor it and make it over, we'll see.
 Close up of days 10 & 11
12th Day of Christmas with tag 
To make the background papers with the numbers, I use various fonts that were similar to the image, then repeated row after row. I still need to put some pictures corners n the tags but all in all not to bad. What ya think? I really would like some opinions on this so leave some comments please and thank you!
Till tomorrow...
Love ya,

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