Thursday, November 8, 2012

Shirt Stealer Walk of Shame!

Jen came in about 15 minutes ago. She was looking for her shirt that she had folded and set on the coffee table in the living room while she was watching TV earlier. I had been in my office working on tomorrows blogs from the time she left until she came back, a total of about 40 minutes. The shirt was missing, she pointedly said "Mom, where's my pink shirt?" The way she said it makes me believe she already knew but was hoping I picked it up. I answered that I didn't even know she had left a shirt out there. She searched and found it in the side yard where the dogs have open access from the house to their penned area. She came in crying, it was her favorite shirt and Delilah, whom I introduced you to a few posts back, had dragged it out there and chewed on it. She's still a puppy and I'm still trying to break her of the chewing things. 9 million pairs of shoes later, she took the shirt. She's never taken clothing before but I guess she figured if she can't have shoes then maybe this was up for grabs!

When Jen finally calmed down and I had punished Delilah sufficiently to my mind, she decided Delilah needed a bit more discipline.

Click to enlarge.

So Delilah had her walk of shame. Will it do any good?
When it was all over Jen and I were laughing so hard. Delilah looked so cute we couldn't stay mad at her! She's so sweet...
Love ya,


  1. This is just too cute not to comment on - hope she stops chewing things sooner than later!

  2. Thanks Jackie, me too! I don't usually put much personal stuff on here but it was so funny, I had to share.


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