Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Bithday to ME but You Get the Present!

It's my birthday! Another year older and hopefully wiser LOL. This last year has brought many changes to my life. I'm on a completely different path than I thought I would be but it's turning out to be great!

Eventually I plan to have digi stamps available for purchase. We're working on that and it's not going as quickly as I had hoped. I will tell you that what we have put together so far we think is fantastic. We still have to digitize most of them as they are in sketch form. I hope you enjoy this "preview" of things to come. It will only be available until midnight Friday Nov 16th (CST) and then it's coming down to be put in the shop later. It has not been fully digitized but I think it's still usable for now.  Enjoy this gift!


So happy birthday from me to all of YOU!

Love ya,

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