Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Morning Everyone! Just a friendly reminder that you need to vote today! If you don't exercise your right then our soldiers are dying for nothing and you have no reason to complain about the government. It's in your hands! As a famous sport brand says "JUST DO IT!"

Head over to www.dulemba.com and you can print this out for your kids to color. Get them started on the right path, they'll soon be voting them selves! You can color one too, we won't tell.

Love ya,

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  1. I did vote, it was a very hard and stressful week so I understand your earlier post about the garbage that people were saying. I saw a side of some people that I didn't know was there. This is a cute digi and I love it because I can put something over the "vote" tag. Thank yu bunches hugs, Cathy


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