Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fantastic Celebration!

We had a great time last night celebrating David's birthday. We enjoyed a wonderful meal together, everybody was too full to eat cake so we sang, he blew out the candles and we set the cake aside for later.

Then came presents. I told you in the last post I was going to make him go on a scavenger hunt for his gifts. I knew he would have a bad attitude at first but I also knew he would start smiling as it went on. I was right!

 Look at that face! ROFL you'd think we were trying to kill him. The first clue read "Upstairs, Downstairs, where could your present be? Look in the towel cupboard and maybe there you'll see"

 Starting to get a smile now...he's looking in the kids bathroom for the second clue. (yeah I still haven't gotten the drawer painted!) The second clue says "Bedroom, hallway, office you think? Scan low on the horizon and to your knees sink"

 He's found the third clue hidden under my work desk. This one said "Pull the door down, the ladder you will see, turn right at the top and don't be scared dearie!" We hid it in his old trick or treat bag in the attic.

 Here he is coming back down from the attic with the next clue. It read "Inside, outside, cottage, garage, backyard. Not sure where to look next? Try the place where Jen rests" We have a cottage in the backyard where my daughter and her fiance live, the clue was on her bed but she wouldn't let me take pictures because she knew I'd post them on here. Obviously it was messy!

So he retrieved the final clue which led him to the back yard. It was to dark to get pictures but the clue was "Fire, Garden, Waterfall too! Look behind these things to find a present or two."

In the end he was smiling big. He loved his gifts and though he won't admit it, he loved the scavenger hunt too!

While my daughter thinks I'm a dork, making up the rhymes was fun and we all had a good time following him. Feel free to use the rhymes for your kid! Parents rule! he he he

See ya tomorrow!

Love ya,

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