Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Gives With All The Anniversary Cards?

I thought you might like to see what started all the anniversary cards I've been making per my mom's request. In August, my parents celebrated 60 years of wedded bliss! That's quite an accomplishment in this day and age. They live in a community of retired couples and they celebrate with each couple in a community event once a month. Mom says it's hard to find large milestone anniversary cards and when she finds some she always buys several to have on hand.

When I made their anniversary card I guess she thought it was fabulous because she wanted me to make more and sell them down there where she's at plus have some just for her to give. So that's where the long weeks of anniversary card making began. Here's the card I made for them that started all this.

Open Flat

Easel card standing up

Side view
That's my Mom & Dad's wedding picture, some of my wedding lace, a picture of the Little Brown Church in the Vale where they got married some buttons from my stash, some foil flowers that my daughter made and a ribbon rose that I made.
So that's the story...does that explain all the anniversary cards of late? It's alot easier to make a card specifically for some one you know then generic ones for others. You can be much more creative don't you think? Anyway that's the end of the anniversary saga and I bet you're thinking Thank God!
'Til tomorrow when I have some birthday cards to show you.
 Love ya!

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  1. I love your easel card. I love the idea of using a wedding picture or an older picture of the couple and they can leave it up because it is an easel card. Thank you for the idea. Hugs, Cathy k


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