Monday, November 19, 2012

Please Pray

Good Morning Everyone,

One of my followers has had a tragedy this week. I will not release her name as I haven't asked her for permission but I wanted to do something for her. Her family home has burned nearly to the ground. From what she has told me everyone survived including the dog which is wonderful. It is however an awful time of year to have such a thing happen. Not only is it right before the biggest holidays of the year but it is also her birthday on Thanksgiving day. The most tragic thing is that this same event happened to their home in October of 1967 and they were not as lucky. One family member perished in that fire.

I am asking all my fabulous followers to say an extra prayer of thanks that her family has survived and that she may be blessed with a speedy recovery from this tragedy. I know you all join me in wishing her a happy birthday, a peaceful Thanksgiving, a warm Christmas, and a better 2013!

In her honor I am offering this image to you free. It is a collaborative image using a freebie from Digital Two for Tuesday which you can find here if you want it with out the frame and words. Each time you use it, please say a little prayer for them and thank God for your own health and safety.

Love ya,


  1. I am so sorry to hear this, This is just not right, I am praying for them that the Lord will restore to them everything they have lost and even better than what they had before and quickly. And He would send His peace to them. Thank you Lord that they are safe and not lives were lost. Hugs, Cathy K

  2. Thank you ladies! May you be fully blessed this season and always.

  3. Thank you for reminding us how truly fortunate we all are. I will keep your blog friend in my prayers along with all of the people still suffering in the northeast from the Super Storm Sandy. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving and also thank you for all the wonderful drawings that you share with us.

    1. Virginia, thank you for joining us in prayer, we all pray daily for the Sandy vicitims I hope. May you have a wonderful, peaceful, and blessed Thanksgiving as well.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful image Deb, and for the beautiful words you left on my blog today. I wanted to email you but couldn't find an address for you so I'll just leave it here in a comment.
    I will keep your friends in my prayers along with all others who are currently facing such devastating times in their lives.

    Take care,

    1. Hi Lisa, So glad you liked the image. There is a contact me button at the top of the page. You can right click, it if you don't use outlook, and you can copy the shortcut then paste into your own email program. Thank you for joining us in prayer.


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