Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Final Wedding Preparation Craft

Well we are in the final count down to Jen's wedding. Three (3) days from now the event will be happening with all the things I've created for her. Today I want to show you a vintage style hat pin and button holder that will be in the women's trunk for the vignette.

Miriam's Crafting Supplies Blog has burlap and since we were tasked with texture this month, I thought the burlap would fit in nicely with both her theme and the wedding. Miriam carries burlap in multiple colors in 12x12" squares, perfect for using on a project. Of course I choose natural since I was going vintage!

I had an octagon shaped jelly jar that I thought was unique looking so I wrapped the jar in the burlap, added a piece of thin lace around it, and made an eyelet lace flower for the front. In the center of the flower I placed one of Miriam's pearls (available in lots of colors and sizes for such a great price!).

Next I took an old t-shirt that was close in color to what I wanted for the top and cut a large circle. I glued that all around the edge of the lid of the jar leaving about an inch unglued so I could stuff it. I stuffed it with fiberfill until it was the thickness I wanted and then glued the last bit of the t-shirt to the lid. I trimmed it closely and then added the same eyelet lace around the edge to cover the glued areas. Lastly I added a twine band with a pearl to finish the look.

I filled it with buttons. Some I had on hand and some are from Miriam's store. To top it off I added some hat pins. The feather pin ties in with the feathers we are using at the wedding and I used an acrylic crystal drop, also available at Miriam's store. The one with the white flower on top was made by my good friend Angela Holt of Angela Holt Designs. 

So here we of the final product!

Wish me luck! I'll post pictures etc. of everything about the wedding as soon as I can!

Love ya,

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  1. very nice Deb!! best wishes to you and the soon-to-be couple!!
    Moxie Craftie


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