Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's All About Texture

1tex·ture noun \ˈteks-chər\

: the way that something feels when you touch it.

Straight from Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. 

As humans we love to touch and feel things. It heightens our sense of satisfaction whether it be fabric, food, nature. Our sense of touch is one of the things we were blessed with.

This month Miriam's Crafting Blog challenge is all about texture. We want to see you create things with different textures in a project. For my inspiration project for you, I created a no-sew glasses case complete with an outside pocket. Perfect to take to the beach or pool to hold your sunglasses, driver's license and a couple of dollars to buy a refreshing drink!

(sorry, a bit blurry, taken on my phone)

Burlap (in your desired size) - available through Miriam's Crafting Supplies
Chenille Fabric (large enough to create the pocket on one side of your project)
Wide Ribbon (for accent strip on pocket)
Seam Binding
Glue Gun
Glasses Charmavailable through Miriam's Crafting Supplies

Step 1. Fold your burlap in half and seal your edges, leaving the top open, with the glue gun. The nice thing about burlap is there is no wrong side to it!

Step 2. Create a braid of twine to serve as your pull string. Make sure it's long enough to go around the entire top of bag with extra to knot off a bit outside.

Step 3. Place your braid around the edge of your bag about 1/2" down from the top and glue the middle just on one seam.

Step 4. Fold over the top edge creating the drawstring area (about an 1" to an 1-1/2"fold) then carefully glue the edge down. Be careful not to get the braid caught in the glue.

Step 5. Turn it right side out and knot your braid ends together so it doesn't slip through.

Step 6. Cut your chenille to the size of the front of your bag leaving about a 1/4" seam allowance, for sides and 1/2" seam allowance for top and bottom.

Step 7. Glue the seam allowance down on the sides (1/4"). Repeat on top and bottom (1/2")

Step 8. Cut a strip of your wide ribbon about 1"longer than the width of your chenille piece. Fold over the front and glue the edges to the back side.

Step 9. Proceed to glue the entire chenille piece with attached ribbon to the bottom of your burlap bag. DO NOT GLUE THE TOP AREA DOWN. This creates your pocket.

Step 10. Glue your seam binding to the edges of the bag (folded over the front and back to actually cover the seam).

Step 11. Tie a little knot on each side of the glasses with twine (you could use pearls or rhinestones if you prefer). Glue to the front of your pocket.

I put my keys and the pen in just to show the pocket :)

That's it! Another quick and easy project but with lots of touchy-feely goodness to it. Come join us and create your idea of textured art. Enter to win this months challenge and win a prize from Miriam's Crafting Blog!

Love ya,


  1. This post has given me so much inspiration Debs I love how you have made the glass case I so much want to make one.

    Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x

  2. such a sweet project Deb!! I altered a spectacle case, will share soon :)


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