Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Even Boys Like Valentines!

I remember how much my now 17 year old son, who doesn't like anything ;), used to love getting Valentines. With that in mind I created this cute boy's Valentine card. I'm not sure where I got the image and my Google image search turned up nothing. After fussy cutting, I popped up the truck bits and put the wheels on brads so they turn. Interactive for young guys is always cool! The little pom ribbon came from Pick Your Plum.

Easy card but I think some little guy will love it.

Love ya,


  1. And this is so cute^_^Very funny image^_^
    I red the post of Jenuary 27,I think you have two styles: one old style, elegant,classy(Exsample the last card you post) and the second is a fresh style,funny,cute like the second and tird card you post^_^ Your style is clean,a few perfect details on your cards,not many many details,not a full and heavy card^_^
    I hope to help you^_^ But I think you must do what your heart,your mind,your fantasy suggest,beyond any style^_^
    You must make a card for relax you, to simply create something beautiful that you like and makes you feel good^_^
    Big big big big hug,

  2. Thank you Sonia, I really appreciate the fresh eye and take on this.Sometimes it's hard when you're so close to your own work! I really enjoyed my visit to your blog and I'll be coming by again often!


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