Sunday, January 6, 2013

Spotty Blogging and Match Book Boxes

OH my gosh I have so much to do to get ready for the cruise. We leave Saturday and after researching some lists, there are several things I didn't even think about bringing. So in light of that my blogging will be spotty at best the rest of this week and then non-existent pretty much fro the week after that. I f I get time I will try to schedule ahead but not promising anything. Hope you all understand.

For today though, I have created some small match book boxes. I made 9, all different, some to hold trinkets and some just to set in a vignette. I'm happy with most, some I think still need work but I'll do that as inspiration hits me.

Vintage Vignettes boxes

French Trinket boxes

Peacock and Dance Trinket boxes

Easter and Valentine unfinished boxes

What should I put inside these last 2 boxes? I was thinking candy. Any suggestions?

There's one I didn't show, I'll save it for another time. So that's it for me today. off to start gathering stuff for the trip. Have a FABULOUS day!

Love ya,


  1. Absolutely stunning boxes and beautifully decorated.

  2. mmmm chocolate easter eggs they are all fantastic
    hugs Nikki
    font is - VTC-Nue Tattooscript

  3. Thanks ladies! They were fun to make, think I'm going to make some bigger ones next time.


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