Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Odd Little Man But Oh So Fun!

Just before the our vacation, the kids (I call them kids but really they are adults and about to be married!) went shopping and came home with the CUTEST sunglasses! We all tried them on and took pictures then Jen put together a collage.

Clockwise from left Ryan (the fiance') Jen ( the daughter), Me, and my husband Paul. Aren't the glasses funny? We were cracking stupid mustache jokes, which by the way can be spelled mustache or moustache depending on the dictionary you use (strange I know).

Right around the same time the wonderful Karen - the Graphics Fairy put up this odd little man on her blog. He fit the bill for the perfect mustache card. So I added a sentiment that I found on Fontspace called Chaplin Type. The font has mustaches too! And away I went on an idea for the card. I finished it last night.

Two styles of mustaches - I like the one on the left the best.

I also made a book mark for the top, I didn't like the card with just the mustache so I thought the nose
 thing would make it stand out more. I literally flooded the glasses with glossy accents. I think I used a good 1/4 of a bottle and unfortunately I ended up with bubbles but it still looks cool. I'm thinking I should have used my DecoArt glass texture but I didn't think I could get the shape I needed with that medium.

And the question is....

Ha! Do you think he's sexy? I can't help but laugh he's so funny looking. What could  be more appropriate? You can see the stick I inserted through the top for the book mark and I used a bit of gold Washi Tape to hold it flat.

So that's my "moustachetic" adventures in sunglasses and odd little men.

Here's the image with the sentiment in it with permission form Karen, be sure to use the link above to check out all her other great images.

Love ya much!


  1. Fantastic cards my dear ^_^
    Big hug,

  2. I love your "moustache art," it's quirky and fun
    thanks for sharing it!

  3. Good to see you Auntie Social and you're so welcome!


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