Monday, January 14, 2013

Decorated Soap

While I was making the Popsicle soaps, I went ahead and made a few bars as well. I was inspired by Shirl over at Shirl's cards . She made some gorgeous soap with Ophelia on it. I wasn't quite that ingenious, still trying to figure out her methods, but I did come up with something I think is kinda cute for my first try. I know I'll get better with time and maybe some help (hint, hint Shirl  :}).

I'd love to hear your thoughts, have you tried this? Is there a better way to make things adhere to the soap?

Here's what I did, I first stamped some tissue with the little bird cage (a studio g stamp). Then I tore the tissue to the shape I wanted on the bar. I stared at it for like 10 minutes trying to decide the best way to make it stick. Just to let you know, staring doesn't work, the soap never did answer me (stupid soap) !
So, left to my own devices, I tried water. Nope, t peeled up from the edges after it dried. So next I tried a touch of tacky glue mixed with a lot of water. That was the trick! It stuck beautifully and I don't think there was enough glue in it that if they wanted to divest the bar of it's embellishments and use it, they still could.

So next I wrapped the lace around the outside edge and used the same trick. It didn't work as well. A little heavy I think, so I added a drop of glue in the center of each side and at the ends where it attached. Had to hold it for a while but that worked.

Next I wrapped the thinner velvet ribbon around the first ribbon and then tied a bow. That stayed on it's own without any glue. So I added the flower with a dot of glue.

The bird in the corner came next, I had found these paper tags and chippies at Micheal's. They had sets in the dollar bin with like 20 pieces in a pack made by Studio 18. Random stuff, some tags, birds, crowns etc. I pulled out the bird, dry brushed it with yellow paint to match the soap and then used a black pen to draw in the tail and highlight the raised feet. I glued that to the ribbon edge so there wasn't any more glue on the soap bar.

Then I decided I wanted to add the pearl string so it would look like the cage was hanging from it. Not sure that was accomplished but it still looked good so on it went. I used a drop of glue on the tissue first and then used my heat gun to slightly melt the soap to adhere the ends. It worked but I had some lumps and bumps that I had to later work out. I did the same for the three little pearls in the corner.

So I won't call this a total success but it's cute and smells heavenly!

Please tell me the secret to adhering the tissue and jewels!!! I can go commando if I have too LOL!

Love ya,


  1. Another fab creation!! Never heard of decorating soap, but you have now inspired me to give it a try. I can't imagine though anyone wanting to use it with such beautiful things attached to it, but it could be great to use just to make a room smell nice. Love that little bird from the dollar bin!

    1. Thank you Astrid, I don't think I I would use it either but thee are people out there who might I guess. It does smell great!


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